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My attempt at making TwitchPlays type of thing with homebrew on my nintendo switch.

I'm not responsible for any ban that may happen to your account or console!

NOTE: I learned C# as i was doing this, therefore the code might not be of high quality

Thing required

Don't forget to clone the submodule too!


Currently DiscordPlaysSwitch also require SysDVR but it could be easily modified to use something else like a capture card.

This version might not be up-to-date compared to TwitchPlaysSwitch.

config.json example

  "token": "Discord bot token",
  "prefix": "Discord bot prefix ",
  "nSwitch": {
    "IP": "Nintendo switch IP",
    "sysbotPORT": "6000",
    "sysDVRPORT": "6666"


The capture is obviously done via another software so no change needed whether you use a capture card or sys-DVR.

config.json example

  "username": "Twitch username",
  "OAuth": "Twitch OAuth token",
  "ClientID": "Twitch Client ID",
  "AccessToken": "Twitch Access Token",
  "DiscordWebhook": "Discord webhook to send messages to",
  "nSwitch": {
    "IP": "Nintendo Switch IP",
    "sysbotPORT": "6000"

Thanks to Jetbrains for providing their IDE free of charges!