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  loicbersier 2e1585f497 version bump 8 months ago
  loicbersier e9d68a43a6 hide anything that contain "porn" in the url 8 months ago
  loicbersier 9dff68bc7f R.I.P brave referal 8 months ago
  loicbersier 3e1fa2f988 Move to gitea 9 months ago
  loicbersier e53e3f4487 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into master 9 months ago
  loicbersier 24803cc606 version bump 9 months ago
  loicbersier a87d194c2e make thumbnail for audio so browser stop complaining 9 months ago
  loicbersier 679b53a993 added thing for first of april & snow 9 months ago
  Loïc Bersier 20969f948f Don't use categories for sponsorBlock ( forgot to revert that ) 10 months ago
  loicbersier 98c815ee71 bump version 10 months ago
  loicbersier 10f4fba062 Made some part be less crap and more error handling 10 months ago
  loicbersier 56ff410487 Added link to gitlab 10 months ago
  loicbersier db7f200e23 Added link to gitlab 10 months ago
  loicbersier 65b657ca0a make choosing announcement less trash 10 months ago
  loicbersier 261c6f64d0 need that folder too 10 months ago
  loicbersier 1f133552a3 version bump 10 months ago
  loicbersier b8c70ca4d8 disable sponsorBlock with alt download 10 months ago
  loicbersier 5c7044dd19 Handled more error and changed waveform to an image 10 months ago
  loicbersier db0aa8a886 Keep that folder 10 months ago
  loicbersier a244678894 Version bump 10 months ago
  loicbersier a3e24dd68a Added SponsorBlock! 10 months ago
  Loïc Bersier 68dbd4ffb0 Bump version 11 months ago
  loicbersier af93b014f7 Don't delete .keep 11 months ago
  loicbersier 7eb866cfe4 Need this folder 11 months ago
  loicbersier 8277e7ece9 updated a package 11 months ago
  loicbersier 909d40fde4 added thumbnail rather than full video and made displaying error work again 11 months ago
  loicbersier 826ad44907 added ffmpeg 11 months ago
  loicbersier 5fb88fedef Fixed background 11 months ago
  Loïc Bersier 585117c47f Update Dockerfile 11 months ago
  Loïc Bersier 97792466ca Update .env.example 11 months ago
  supositware d48a1e2cec New background 11 months ago
  supositware 13256850d9 Docker??!!?!??!??!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 11 months ago
  supositware 95ef53fae0 Forgot to remove a console.log 11 months ago
  supositware 6d573ff96c bump version 11 months ago
  supositware ffc6fe1dd8 Added proxy options 11 months ago
  supositware b722935561 example of proxy.json 11 months ago
  supositware 0cc72a7aa6 announcement about preview version 11 months ago
  supositware cb82f9d48f Added proxy file 11 months ago
  Loïc Bersier 8b3a140c42 Update .env.example 11 months ago
  loicbersier 706c891e08 Corrected a typo 1 year ago
  loicbersier 6b6442d4e0 Update title to version 1 year ago
  loicbersier 0422edb4bc put date in new line 1 year ago
  loicbersier 3994c9442f added en-gb and en-us 1 year ago
  loicbersier cf82f2b126 en-gb default 1 year ago
  loicbersier 422f95182d Download date 1 year ago
  loicbersier 72e9a7daa7 format file size 1 year ago
  loicbersier 6f1c8525ee separate file size and unit 1 year ago
  loicbersier 3463317e5d translated title and corrected an error 1 year ago
  loicbersier 89676d57f2 translatable title 1 year ago
  loicbersier b1df9cbd84 czech translation 1 year ago